Noun | Dress, outfit
Philosophy | Habit, costume, disposition
Biology | Habitus, general constitution

Verb ‘Abitare’ first person
Dwell, reside | Habitually occupy | To have one’s natural or historical residence in a place or person

Etymology | From Latin habĭtu ‘external feature’, from habēre ‘to have’

A Dress for Flowers

A dress is a primordial space holding your body. It is like a little environment you live in, that both protects you from the outside and presents you to it. It plays with the volume of your body; its abstract form overlaps the contours of your body, this contrast redefines your silhouette and accentuates your natural beauty.

Through concealing, the dress reveals you. The Abito vases are envisioned as a dress for the flowers, one that both preserves and presents them. Thanks to their hybrid outlines and material combinations, the vases playfully contrast the organic shapes of the flowers and further bring out their natural features.

Abito Vases