About Sandro Lopez

Design Philosophy

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Sandro Lopez is a design house that creates authentic furniture and homeware in numbered editions.

Each collection is presented in the form of a ‘story’ which gives a hint of the thinking behind the designs. Stories make the products and are essential in shaping how we experience them.

Sandro Lopez thinks that design is about the subliminal relation between people and their surroundings, and how this relation affects behavior and identity. He is therefore interested in the issues of “perception and meaning” as opposed to the typical “form and function” subjects.

While form deals with the absolute qualities of an object, our perception of that object is relative and a matter of personal interpretation which involves memory and ideology.

In a similar way, while function refers to the explicit utility of things, the objects’ meaning always includes also its implicit messages and concealed virtual qualities which subconsciously affect us.

“What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

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A Design House is a homeware brand where all the activities of production, marketing, sales, distribution and finance are planned and attentively supervised by the designer-founder according to his/her design philosophy.

The model was developed by Sandro Lopez and creative director Sara Khamisi. It is a system that provides the designer with full authorship over product and process and a direct connection with the public. It results in a more consistent user experience as the designer is not designing only the individual products, but curating the image of a lifestyle.

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